Construction of Vientos Los Hércules' News

Component Transportation

The transport will be made from the Port of Rio Deseado where the components will arrive to the site totaling 240 km along the Provincial Route 43.

This transport will be coordinated with the competent authorities and timely communicated to the community.

Components arrive to the Park.

Supporting NGO Julieta Leiva

Community Engagement News

Vientos Los Hércules is fully engaged with the local communities near the Park and develops different community impact activities aimed to add value and develop new skills.

Delivery of School Kits at Koluel Kayke's School to ensure that students have the necessary materials for the Academic Year.

Formal Inauguration of the  Osmosis Water Plant with authorities and breakfast with the community.

Reinauguration of Koluel Kayke's School Radio FM 104.9 thanks to assignment of the transmitting antenna

Contribution to Koluel Kayke's Children's Day Celebration

Art Contest "La Energía de Mi País" with local School students to raise awareness about renewable energy. Three winners per grade! 12 winners! More than 50 drawings involved.

Present in Koluel Kayke's 98th Anniversary and Art Contest "La Energía de Mi País" Award Ceremony.

Recognition to Vientos Los Hércules for its positive community impact-->

Presentation to and alliance with Fundación YPF Las Heras

Community wood workshop with VLH's donated materials

Food donations to community diner

COVID-19 Community Emergency Response

Traffic Security: Improvement of Koluel Kayke's entrance.

Dialogue with future community workshop teachers

Cleaning and safety supplies

Food provisions for Community Diners

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